During the first week of October 2020, ULCS hosted a Lineman Apprenticeship Training Class in Live Oak, Florida. This class was available to select apprentices within the Florida ULCS regions and included classroom learning and hands-on training in the field. Having previous knowledge from schooling, apprentices further developed their skills concentrating on pole setting, climbing, arm/insulator installation, wire pulling, clipping and dead-ending. By taking part in this program, ULCS is able to develop highly-skilled employees, which in turn enables reduced turnover rates, increased productivity and lower cost of recruitment. In addition, training programs like these create a safer workplace for all employees by increasing safety knowledge and establishing a stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.

The Apprenticeship Training Class is an organized and customizable approach to employee skills training. Not only is this program free to employees, but employees are guaranteed to receive a paycheck that will increase as their skills training advances. Our apprentices receive hands-on instruction at the job site while also completing apprentice training courses in our learning management system (LMS). Other employee benefits include:

  • On-the-job training throughout their apprenticeship training.
  • A free education. Training costs are paid in full by ULCS as an investment in the future.
  • A great and rewarding career in the trades as a journeyman lineworker, foreperson, general foreperson, supervisor, manager and even higher.

At ULCS, our philosophy is to train our employees so they can work anywhere in the utility industry while treating them in such a way that they will remain a part of our ULCS team!