DCIA Partnership

ULCS is proud to be partnered with Pepco and other Pepco Contractors of Choice to help with the continued success of the Washington DC Infrastructure Academy’s (DCIA) Energy and Utilities Program. “DCIA coordinates, trains, screens and recruits residents to fulfill the needs of the infrastructure industry and infrastructure jobs with leading companies in this high-demand field”. To learn more about the DCIA and its offerings, click here.

As of February, three program graduates have joined the ULCS team to service the Pepco Distribution Operations. The graduates include Jerome Spence, Dwan Crowder and Leroy Ebron. Congratulations, and welcome to the team!

New Projects

Salisbury, Maryland Underground Operations crews performed directional drilling to install 1000 Kcmil conductors and a PME switch for Delmarva Power in January.

Bethany Beach and Milboro, Delaware areas Crews have been working on underground conductor replacement and reliability upgrade work. This project requires crews to perform “Turn-Key” work like installing new conduit and conductors, terminating wires and switching so all infrastructure is renewed when the job is complete.

(L to R): Jerome Spence, Dwan Crowder and Leroy Ebron are February graduates of the DCIA Energy and Utilities Program.

(Left): Underground operations crew perform a PNE switch in Salisbury, Maryland.

(Right): Crews from Bethany Beach install new conduit and conductors.