July 2021 Winners

ULCS is having a Line of Fire (LoF) Hazard Recognition contest across all regions. Employees are turning in line of fire hazards they are finding on their jobsites and how they are mitigating the hazard. During July, the first month of the contest, we had 76 submissions from our employees. In August, we had 206 submissions from our employees.

Our first ULCS winners from July are Foreperson Joe Huff and Equipment Operator Noah Garner from Greg Whitley’s Region. Their submission involved a limb hanging over a pole where they were to work. Great hazard recognition and mitigation plan where they were able to move themselves and their truck out of the line of fire.

The employees received safety items and a ULCS ORCA cooler for winning the July contest. Employees from all the Region contests also received prizes. Thank you for working to keep your jobsites safe!

Pictured (L-R): Supervisor Michael Carter, Equipment Operator Noah Garner, Foreperson Joe Huff and General Foreperson Coy Shelby