In November 2021, ULCS/Musgrove Construction LLC held an Overhead Distribution Operations School in Lake City, Florida. Of the 18 participants, attendees travelled from Alabama, Georgia, Delaware and Maryland along with Florida. The instructors were responsible for guiding this group of students who have been in the business an average of two years each.

The school focused on the safe and proper techniques for climbing, rigging, and equipment operation. We were also lucky to have a few guest speakers who shared their knowledge in teamwork, human performance, and electric theory with the students. During the week, students were given a 6 foot long piece of rope to keep up with for the week and to practice tying knots with. This exercise was to help engage the students and teach responsibility along the way. Another aspect that we used to keep students engaged was to hold a competition at the end of the week to see who could climb to the top of the pole and back down the quickest with every student participating!

“I learned to work as a team while networking with other employees during the week. I also became much more comfortable after working one on one with the instructors and learning why we do the things we do to be safe.”

~Lineworker Ishaily Casiano Diaz (R), St. Petersburg FL

Pictured L-R: District Safety & Training Supervisor Bryan Patrick, General Foreperson Willie Pruett, Foreperson Brandon Anderson, Foreperson Jordan Ganas, and Manager John McGrory.