February 2022 Winners

During the month of February, ULCS employees submitted any identified slips, trips and falls along with how they mitigated them.  This initiative was driven by the MATH Team (Mitigate All Things Hazardous – Safety Adds Up).  All submissions were reviewed at the end of the month.  ULCS recognized Foreperson Jack Murphy and his crew, Equipment Operators Jesse Sigourney and Vincent Neville, as the winners for their impactful submission. The crew was awarded ULCS ORCA coolers. Thanks to the crew for putting safety first!

Pictured (L-R):ULCS Manager Mike Johnson joins District Area Manager Matthew Mabe and Construction Coordinator Andrew Causey as special ULCS ORCA coolers are presented to Foreperson Jack Murphy  and Equipment Operators Jesse and Sigourney Vincent Neville for their winning February 2022 MATH Team incident submission.