ULCS always enjoys the compliments we receive from members of the communities in which we work. Still, it gives us a particular feeling of pride when outside companies and professional partners take the time to send us positive feedback about our talented employees!

Recently, a Maryland area utility customer sent its thanks to ULCS, complimenting MD/DC Area Distribution Overhead GF Josh Thacker and his team for their excellent focus on safety and exceeding the expectations of our customers when working storm trouble.

“I am always impressed by the way your crews work together so well. Josh Thacker is one of the best forepersons I have ever seen,” the customer shared. “He can work these really tough jobs under pressure and still get everything done in a safe and timely manner. A true asset to your company.”

Not only does it fill all of us at ULCS with joy to hear a General Foreperson is so capably completing jobs, but we’re especially ecstatic to hear that they are doing so in a safe and timely manner! Of course, this customer knows it takes all of us to create a safe and productive environment.

“I know that when I arrive on one of your jobs, I can expect nothing but the best out of your crews,” they concluded. “Please thank everyone who worked that night. Great Job by all!”

Elsewhere, ULCS received more positive feedback, this time recognizing General Foreperson Aaron Casper for looking after the safety of others and positively representing the company! Here is what a valued ULCS utilities customer had to say about Aaron:

“I wanted to take a minute to share with you an experience I had on the way into work this morning that involved a UCLS employee,” the customer said. “At or near 6 a.m. this morning, I came across an intersection where there was an apparent broken-down vehicle. Separately, there was a ULCS truck positioned adjacent to that vehicle with its safety lights engaged. I paused beside your employee’s truck just to ensure they were ‘okay.’ Your team member, Aaron Casper, was in fact okay and had stopped to help three ladies who had broken down at the front of the line at the intersection. Aaron led the effort to get these folks pushed to a safe spot.”

ULCS understands that our customers are not only our clients and partners we work with when we’re “on the clock,” but also the communities that we live in, work in and support. Aaron’s inclination toward doing the right thing for all our customers is something ULCS is proud to shine a light on as an example for all our employees.

Every day, ULCS employees across the company work hard on job sites, in offices and everywhere in between to provide exceptional service to all whose paths we cross. We’re grateful to Josh, Aaron and the many employees who represent our company’s values and look forward to continuing to share these stories!