115/230kV Transmission Line Rebuild within Wetlands

Project Name:

115/230kV Transmission Line Rebuild within Wetlands


A Fortune 500 integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production, transmission, and distribution in the Deep South of the United States.

Project location:

New Orleans, LA

Project Scope:

115kv line rebuild


The 115kV Line is a critical source to the 115kV system in southeast Louisiana. In response to multiple unplanned outages in area, the client inspected the line and determined mitigation was necessary because of hurricane damage over many years. The line rebuild was designed to operate at 115kV but insulated at 230kV for operations at higher voltage to address future load growth and reliability needs. The line traversed the wetlands at Jean Laffite National Wildlife Refuge and private properties, making the project especially unique and environmentally sensitive.


ULCS was chosen to construct a new 115kV single circuit transmission line, consisting of 108 structures, approximately 9.5 miles from an existing substation. Construction included the installation of vibratory caisson foundations, structure assemblies, conductors and fiber optic ground wires. ULCS was also responsible for installing fiber splice boxes and coordinating with residential property owners for splice box access.


ULCS completed more than 80,000 project manhours without a recordable injury and helped the client comply with various federal and state regulations relating to wetlands and state parks in delivery of the work.

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