ULCS combines its industry-leading safety focus, a decades-long tradition of reliability and accountability and localized service and responsiveness to help you build and maintain overhead distribution lines. You can leverage ULCS for a full scope of services—from turnkey projects to line modifications.
Services Include:
  • New overhead construction and maintenance
  • Line upgrades, reconductoring and other mods
  • Relocations associated with roadway improvements
  • Overhead-to-underground conversions
  • Installation of transformers, voltage regulators, switches, capacitors, sectionalizers and reclosers
  • Make-ready work for communication infrastructure, including design services
  • Smart Grid automation
  • Radio and antenna installation for AMI and SCADA systems
  • Automatic switch installations
  • Street lighting installation and maintenance
  • LED conversion programs
  • Secondary installations and repairs
  • Project and construction management

‘ULCS has built and maintained millions of miles of overhead distribution lines.’

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