National Mall Lighting Conductor Upgrade

Project Name:

National Mall Lighting Conductor Upgrade


A major investor-owned utility in the DC Metro Area

Project location:

Washington, DC

Project Scope:

Underground cable replacement


The underground cables along the National Mall, the Smithsonian and in front of the White House were identified for replacement due to aged and deteriorating condition causing numerous streetlight outages and posing a safety and security risk to pedestrians, motorists and property. Because the project would require professional community relations, work area control and outage coordination, ULCS, a contractor of choice (CoC) for more than 10 years, was chosen to help the long-term client replace the underground cables feeding the streetlights and other premises in the high-profile and high-traffic area.


Experienced in distribution grid modernization in DC, ULCS also trains team members in customer relations in utility construction and maintenance. This was particularly attractive to the utility and coordinating government agencies because it helped ensure the high level of professionalism in customer interactions and dependability required. ULCS crews were brought in to replace the underground cables and get the streetlights and facilities back on quickly, winning the contract by assuring achievement of project goals with minimal disturbance to nearby government operations.


The work was executed within limited evening-only timeframes because it required coordination with the Secret Service and their security protocols. ULCS crews completed the project without incident and expectations were consistently met or exceeded with little to no oversight by the client.