Streetlighting Upgrade

Project Name:

Streetlighting Upgrade


An energy company providing electricity and natural gas to portions of the Delmarva Peninsula

Project location:

Wilmington, DE

Project Scope:

Replacement of a concrete streetlight system


In the residential area surrounding DuPont Country Club, streetlights were consistently going out. The client investigated and determined the streetlight cables, structures and fixtures needed to be replaced due to their aged and deteriorating condition. The energy company was keen to replace all while limiting disturbance within the community and ensuring near-zero impact on the surrounding landscape.


The client wanted to replace concrete streetlights with black aluminum fixtures and new underground cable for better reliability. ULCS was already the contractor of choice (CoC) for streetlight maintenance work and proposed to perform the work with assurances around timeframes and neighborhood care.


The project is separated into five phases within the same neighborhood. ULCS successfully completed the first four and is currently working on the fifth. ULCS has delivered on the project objectives for Phases 1 through 4 and is on track for more of the same for Phase 5. Crews have been consistently productive and completed all work on or ahead of schedule and peer-checks have been integral to project success.

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