Overhead to Underground Conversion

Project Name:

Overhead to Underground Conversion


Major Utility Customer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Project location:

Eldorado, MD

Project Scope:

Overhead to Underground conversion of the Three Phase electric line


The installation of the Three Phase electric line was crossing the Marshyhope Creek near Eldorado, Maryland. This required 1400 linear feet of directional drilling under the creek in order to place the lines underground and retire the overhead lines without creating an environmental impact. 


ULCS crews pulled three 4 inch conduits inside of a 12 inch casing and directional drilled 1400 feet across the creek, approximately 70 feet deep underground.  The underground crews pulled in 4500 feet of primary cables in order to be ready to take out the existing overhead lines and poles. 


ULCS successfully installed the pipes under the Marshyhope Creek with no environmental impact. 

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