In an effort to foster teamwork across the various ULCS regions, we’ve formed collaborative teams comprised of cross-regional employees from the field to the regional managers. These teams serve as a “committee of your peers” to support growth in the regions.


Meet the teams:


“Mitigating All
Things Hazardous”

The MATH program is a preventative program to help our employees recognize potential or hazardous situations when performing work. This has helped several crews avoid incidents with equipment and has prevented possible injuries. The MATH team has biweekly meetings to discuss situations from all regions to help the organization learn and creates monthly initiatives to focus on common safety issues. The current initiative is “Any and All Hazards.” When hazards are identified, employees are encouraged to enter it into a Smartsheet to be eligible to win a monthly prize. Our employee’s family’s safety is very important to us and plays a vital role in being able to show up for work each day.


“Driving Incident
Reduction Team”

The goal for DIRT is to develop strategies to further eliminate risky behaviors associated with driving. The team looks at past events, vehicle technologies, training programs, communications, onboarding, apprenticeships and other trainings to re-enforce the goal.


“Acquisition &
Retention Committee”

ARC meets monthly with the goal of finding and keeping employees at ULCS. The team works with each region to attend job fairs and recruit at local schools and training centers. Employee benefits are also evaluated and discussed, in addition to the strong ULCS safety score, to attract new and retain current employees.


Our newest collaborative team, the Training Team was introduced this month due to feedback we received from visiting the field. This team will evaluate the training needs in each region and define a schedule to help our employees develop and expand their skills.