Utility Lines Construction Services and Musgrove Construction support our lineworkers as they seek and attain professional development training. Four of our employees were recognized recently for their certificate programs. 

The first three employees work for Musgrove Construction in John McGrory’s Region and received their Journeyman Lineworker Certificates from the Department of Labor. 

Lineworker Daniel Ivey, who works on Central Florida Electrical Co-op property, was presented with his certificate by General Foreperson Ryan Maddox, Foreperson Jeff Gainey and District Safety Manager Neal Croft. Daniel’s father Ben Ivey, a contractor coordinator for Central Florida Electric Cooperative, took part in recognizing Daniel’s accomplishment 

Foreperson Ryan Mertz, who works on Suwanee Valley Electrical Co-op property in Florida, received his certificate at the Quarterly Foreperson Meeting Meeting in Lake City, Florida. Area Manager Jordan Ganas and Area Supervisor Ken Nipper were on hand to present him with his certificate and cooler. 

Line worker Randy Raulerson, who works on Central Florida Electric Co-op property, received his certificate from District Safety and Training Manager Neal Croft. 

Finally, ULCS Lineworker Sergio Rubio, who works on Duke Electric Property in Danny Stanley’s Region in North Carolina, received a federal certificate for completing his region’s Lineworker Apprenticeship Program.  

Congratulations to all the newly certified. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into professional development.  

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